A picture of Ty Mick

Hi! I’m Ty.

I’m a freelance web developer, and I would love to work on your website, app, or API.

I work chiefly in JavaScript, in various combinations of Node.js and React, but I’d certainly enjoy the excuse to pick up a new framework or language if your stack’s a bit different. My portfolio has more details if you’d like to see what I’ve built.

Apart from work, my wife Corrie and I currently live on the road (or used to, until this coronavirus epidemic), traveling the United States in a 24‑foot RV! If you’d like to see where we’ve been in photographic form, your best bet is Corrie’s Instagram account. I also post 360° photos from our hikes every now and then.

View the source of this WordPress theme on GitHub.

This is a port of my personal site (a static site built with Next.js and React) to WordPress, my first attempt to acquaint myself with the WordPress ecosystem. Try opening up the original in a separate window and comparing the two side by side—I think the family resemblance is pretty good!

I started by spinning up a new WordPress installation at 000webhost, then recreated the content of each of my pages, blog posts, and menus in the WordPress dashboard, then forked Automattic’s _s theme, recreated my site’s Bootstrap design as close as possible, and finally deleted everything from _s I didn’t end up needing to make the package as minimal as possible. Oh, and uploaded the final theme to this WordPress installation, and here we are looking it it today!

This project involved a lot of PHP for the template files, used Sass for stylesheet preprocessing, implemented Bootstrap’s responsive font sizing, and got me acquainted with the WordPress Loop. It was really fascinating, having come from the JavaScript world, seeing firsthand how similar a product it’s possible to create using such vastly different tools.

Thanks for checking this out, and let me know if you have any questions!